Carbon Management

Habitat Enviro has a group of specialized consultants that mitigate climate change through carbon management solutions, resulting in realization of multiple bottom lines.

  • Equipped with various options of innovative strategiese and practices ready to be imparted to as many Asian businesses as possible.
  • We are strategically partnered with several world-renowned organizations offering Asian businesses the expertise and knowledge to stay competitive in a global arena.
  • We approach Carbon Reduction through a simple theory of "the lowest hanging fruit first". All activities carried out by us are from the easiest achievable first till the most challenging last, unless requested otherwise. This has been proven to be a cost effective and highly successful method for clients.
  • Understanding the clients’ needs and servicing the client with accuracy to the request to achieve the client’s eventual goal, is our priority.
Importance of Carbon Neutrality

It has been proven that climate change effects on the earth through all human activities is taking a toll on mankind. With this we have to face the possibility of extinction to a degree that mankind has never encountered before. We have been the only species on the planet deciding the fate of all other living organisms.

Mankind has generated business from all natural resources available including human resources. In today’s day and age the advantages of climate change mitigation (Carbon Neutrality) are obvious :-

  • Create multiple profitable bottom lines
  • Mitigate global carbon count
  • Align Malaysian businesses to operate in line with our Prime Minister’s call for 40% reduction of GHG by 2020 at UN Summit for Climate Change, Copenhagen
  • Become an industry leader nationally and possible regionally
  • Enhance your image and presence on a global platform to portray social, economic and environmental responsibility
  • Increase brand awareness
How to Achieve Carbon Neutral Status
Tier Zero : Preliminary Assessment
  • Identification of organizations structure, products and services offered.
  • Implication of procedure and behavior change
  • Analysis of potential carbon emission saving
  • Submission of official proposal

All Carbon Neutral Projects require the conduct of a Compulsory Baseline Carbon Footprint Count.

Result: Preliminary determination of Baseline Carbon Footprint

Tier One : Assessment and Establishment of Accurate Baseline Carbon Footprint
Tier Two : Identifying Change
  • Business as usual practices to ‘sustainable’ practices
  • Behavior change programmers

...minimize overall carbon footprint

Tier Three

Establish the net difference in Carbon Footprint between Accurate Baseline Carbon Footprint (Tier One) and Reduced Carbon Footprint after conducting sustainable practices adoption and behavioral change programs (Tier Two). This is establish the nett reduction after Tier Two

Tier Four : Implement Tier Two After Establishing the Accurate Reduction
Tier Five : Establishment of Reduced Carbon Footprint After Completion of Implementation of Tier Two
Tier Six

Proposal to offset the balance of carbon footprint as at Tier five to achieve accreditation for Carbon Neutrality

  • On completion of tier 5
  • Calculation of revised carbon footprint
  • Submission of calculation to our technology partners The CarbonNeutral Company
  • Validation of calculation from TCNC
  • Offset validated sum with carbon credits
  • Accreditation of carbon neutrality

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