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We provide future of energy

We are experts in Identifying Gaps and Opportunities in Designing, Building and Financing triple bottom-lined; net zero projects (optimizing energy, water, and waste) to deliver holistic solutions that can minimize negative outputs that contribute to global warming and climate change.

This tipping point is, literally, at our doorsteps. This is the greatest threat mankind has faced and if this generation is unable to do anything about it, the next generation will have no chance and we will be responsible for irreversible catastrophes compromising our ability to survive and thrive in the future.

We are a dynamic team of Ecopreneurs and have perfected the art and science of balancing “People, Planet & Profit” within each of our Projects, resulting in viable models of Sustainable Developments in line with the UN SDGs. This ensures Projects undertaken are robust, resilient and can easily endure the test of time. Importantly, we stress that projects that balance the needs of People, Planet and Profit can definitely be more financially rewarding than business as usual (BAU) projects.

Our current focus is on farmed animal waste to hybrid energy with full circularity involving all natural resources, such as water and air. We use science-based solutions and constantly bring our Clients the best in class and latest developments in our deployed technology, combined with independent third-party validation and verification procedures to ensure that designed standards match real world performance and outcomes.

Pig Farms, Cattle Farms and Poultry Farms are our primary focus, transforming business-as-usual to sustainable; lowering cost and increasing profit.

We believe success depends on developing long term, profitable businesses, run by happy people who care for our Natural world, let’s make this together, call us……we are



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We’re a growing team of energy experts and thought leaders — full of personality minus the ego. We’re the wearer of many hats dedicated to helping companies likes yours grow.

BK SinhaFounder / Director / Chief Sustainability Officer
Satyajit GhoshFounder / Director / Chief Technical Officer
Murali HaripalanFounder / Director / Chief Executive Officer
Ar Rohen ChelliahFounder / Director / Chief Operations Officer