Awareness comes with facts that through our international collaborations and through the interface via the UN Summit for Climate Change – Conference of Parties (COP15) 2009, we have come to the consulsion that the single factor to initiate a change towards a low carbon economy and society is awareness of climate change, followed by action to mitigate climate change based on the local, cultural and economic environment. After having participated in COP15 in Copenhagen, December 2009 – we are now poised to represent Culture Futures (a global organization set up by the Danish Cultural Society) in Malaysia, as well as ARUP Engineers, a world leading engineering organization, to promote awareness of climate change through music and arts. We consistently run, pursue and encourage awareness progress on the current climatic imbalance we have been abundantly exposed to in early 2010. We stress the fact that through out the first four months of 2010 we have already witnessed 4 major natural disasters globally.

The difference is we ensure the programs we develop and/or run are as low as possible to nett zero carbon emission. Through our awareness programs we begin the effort with raising awareness with all organizing personnel, vendors and participants. This procedure adds value to the campaign to benefit the climate and mankind trying to achieve a higher reach.
Through our awareness campaigns, we directly tie in with carbon reduction programs for events, communities, neighborhoods, towns, cities and many others. We approach our events from a primary focus on carbon reduction and our events are conducted via theses means:

  • Entice
  • Intrigue
  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Initiate
  • Measure
  • Establish Reduction
  • Pursue Carbon Neutrality status

We invite all event guests to reflect on any knowledge they have on the environment and reconnect them with the current situation. Via this approach we have been able to be successful in meaningful and cost effective carbon reduction programs and achieving a high success rate for our out reach initiatives.

We also adopt a sustainable psychology, and many of our activities are positioned to be appealing and subconsciously soothing. We believe mankind is the challenge, and we are finaly responsible for the state of affairs with the environment. On the flip side, mankind can also be the ONLY solution to this globally emerging issue.

Through our events we are able to create:

  • An iconic event for the host
  • An iconic event for the venue
  • High impactevent for the attendees
  • Low impact event to the environment
  • Unique marketing & branding concepts
  • One of a kind event concept to capture the attention EVERYTIME
  • An excellent corporate responsibility package

Our Moto is - OUR EVENTS ARE DESIGNED TO GIVE BACK - it is in giving that we receive.

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