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All Project Management Consultancy Related Works are Undertaken within This Cluster

We are a fast growing project management consulting company providing value added services to our clients in developing and managing their sustainable projects. We specialize in our unique style of management and expertise of Clients’ Projects, providing fresh thinking approach. Our unique approach is by using integrated design management (IDM) with the latest project management tools and techniques which gives stakeholders of projects a clear advantage to employ HabitatEnviro.

We have on board a panel of experienced and competent employees, consultants and advisors with specialized expertise in the following areas:

  • Design Management
    We participate actively in the design development process and review all design documents to identify problems with coordination, errors and omissions and compliance with authority requirements.
  • Contract Management
    We formulate contract and procurement strategies to ensure that risks are completely understood and associated costs are determined. This is to avoid situations where claims for additional monies arise and disputes are avoided.
  • Planning and Scheduling
    We utilize experienced and qualified professionals and software to plan, schedule and monitor every aspect of the project. This plan is continuously reviewed and updated to make informed management decisions to maintain completion of projects on time.
  • Value Engineering
    Value Engineering is an ongoing review and refinement process of design and specifications to explore alternate solutions that can improve the project value in terms of function, cost and time.

An important part of the project development and management process, is our cost advice ensures that the potential cost savings are identified and realized and expenditures are within the budget, and value for money is achieved.

Primarily we undertake the application of alternative technologies, for example:

  1. Green Building Ratings, holistic green project management in
      • Green Building Index, Malaysia (GBI)
      • Leadership in EnergyEnvironmental Design – LEED (USA) Green Star, Australia.
      • Biomass
      • Biogas
      • Solar Farms
      • Wind Turbines
      • Passive Building Cooling Systems etc.

In this cluster we also carry out full fledged ‘Return on Investments’ (ROI) and alignment of projects to all Government incentives like tax rebates, grant schemes and feed - in tariffs.

In addition we have green technology partners from Denmark and Malaysia that offer a variety of cutting edge sustainable technology locally. We also look into options of green funding and financing which can benefit projects due to their lower ‘cost of finance’ impact.

Clean Tech specializes in reduction of energy and water utilization in existing stock of buildings. This is to maximize the efficiency of the building and indirectly increase the life cycle. Also, through this, building owners will be able to quantify and establish the reduction of Carbon Emissions to the environment. Building owners then have a far easier option of achieving carbon neutral status.

Power up and find alternative sources of energy for existing industries by designing a complete cycle from import of raw materials to utilization of waste; in short it is a life cycle analysis of industrial processes. Currently, the influx of new technologies for power generation gives consumers far more options of power consumption. This gives consumers the option of purchasing renewable energy to do their part in climate change mitigation

We also specialize in utilizing traditional waste for the production of food. This encompasses a wide array of technologies that increase production of food through reusing traditional waste. This element is put together through methods such as compost, biomass and behavioral change.

We cover a large range of projects and have given input to over 3,000 projects across the world. Assistance in all clean development arrays is available under one roof with us. Dependent on the type of project, we have allocations for formats of audit to be mandatorily complied with.

The specialization in this cluster has the biggest portfolio and is the driver of the industry towards carbon emission reduction and emission caps. With clean mechanisms the industry of power generation has a greater tendency to move towards clean power generation.

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